Chimney Liners

What does a chimney liner do?

Today, most chimneys have a liner inside of them. This is standard, code. It protects your home and the chimney construction itself from the harmful effects of fire and high heat.

The liner is also responsible for controlling the harmful gases released when wood is burnt. These gasses can, when directly exposed to masonry, cause it to corrode. The mortar joints would bear the brunt of this onslaught and grow weaker fire by fire.

With no liner in place, your chimney won’t last as long as it could, and eventually those gases will have caused enough damage that they might go back into the home rather than the chimney. You don’t want excess amounts of carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas), or carbon dioxide in your home.

This liner can also prevent your actual fireplace of mantle from going up in flames if it any of its materials are flammable. In many constructions, there is a wood frame beneath the stone facade- you might not even know it.

Installing and replacing a chimney liner is a smart investment, Whether you have an older, historic home, or you need to replace your liner due to flue resizing or wear and tear- a new liner will restore optimal functionality to your chimney while greatly improving your safety.

ARC Chimney Sweeps of Atlanta, GA offers chimney relining and installation services that are under warranty, with a workmanship guarantee- it’s hard to beat that. Call us at (404) 994-4371.

3 Popular Chimney Liner Materials Options

These are often the materials you have to choose from when selecting a chimney liner, we can advise you personally on the best one for your scenario, but you have the freedom to make your own decision as well.

Clay Tile – The most often used and the least expensive. They do not, however last as long as other types might (often cracking and splitting) nor do they work well with modern gas appliances. Damaged clay liners are the second most common cause of a chimney liner in need of replacement. Relining with clay tiles is rarely an option, often requiring complete rebuilds.

Metal – We at ARC Chimney Sweeps of Atlanta, GA believe that stainless steel liners are the best choice, offering superior durability and benefits. Each stainless steel liner comers with a lifetime warranty- just as long as it is inspected and swept each year by a certified professional.

Cast Masonry – This is often best for historic homes. The old liner, if there is one, is removed and the replacement is bonded to the inside of your chimney. This process also seals cracks, gaps, and other trouble spots in the masonry. Not only does this liner provide the benefits of the above options, but it also further strengthens the chimney so that it lasts well into the future.


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